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Andijon Charm



Project Information

Name of the enterprise Andijon Charm, LLC
Establishment date :
January 7, 2010
Ok-Tepa Village, Altinkul District, Andijon Region,  Uzbekistan
Company type:
Limited Liability Company
Founders and their share in the statutory capital: National Bank for Foreign Economic Activity of the Republic of Uzbekistan – 100%
Ground area:
4 hectares (including facilities area – 0,7 hectares)
End-product: Processing of cattle and small cattle hide with the production of leather fabrication Wet Blue and finished leather goods
Full (projected) production capacity of the equipment: Cattle hide 450.000 pcs /year., Small cattle hide 112 000 pcs/year
Leather goods 45.000 pcs /year
Technological equipment (description): Line for processing of small cattle hide, Line for leather fabrication Wet Blue, Sewing plant..
Equipment manufacturers:
Deri-Maksan Co. (Turkey), Pfaff Singer (Germany).
Raw materials:
Local supply
Availability of production (water-, gas-, power-supply, boiler plant, etc.) and transport infrastructure: Available
Total number of employees acc. to the project, persons:
Actual total number of employees,  persons: 10
Note: The factory started operation in 1999. The new enterprise was established on the assets of the bankrupted and liquidated Uzbek-Turkish JV Oltin Deri.

The plant had not been operating since 2008. In the beginning of 2010  the production line was overhauled, buildings and facilities were completely renovated.

Since March 2010 the production of leather fabrication Wet Blue has been resumed. The sewing plant was started in September 2010. 

More information on this enterprise and the manufactured production available at website www.andijoncharm.uz

     Interested investors, partners and purchasers are welcomed to contact us at:

     Corporate Development Group

     telephone (+99871) 2330079

     fax (+99871) 2330078

     email marketing@nbuig.uz


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Currency rates / CBU 10.04.2020
10 JPY88.43–201.58


Cotton pulp, ethyl alcohol

Production of leather fabrication Wet Blue and finished leather goods.