Goals and direction of activity


Asset management is the primary business of NBU Invest Group. Operational management over industrial enterprises is aimed at increasing production efficiency and includes business planning, marketing, plant operations supervision, distribution channels and suppliers’ relations management, HR management, cost analysis and performance analysis. Our eventual aim is to sell these enterprises to strategic foreign investors.

At present NBU Invest Group raises 2 enterprises in industries as follows:

Andijon Charm


NBU Invest Group is now in the first stage of developing company’s business focusing on asset management. Our long-term strategy suspects building of an investment company with diversified business. This business will include a range of financial consulting services, such as operations with securities, consulting on M&A, foreign direct investment, as well as brokerage and depositary services.

Business activities in developing stage:

1. Consulting services:
— Corporate advisory
— Advisory to investors
— Introduction and access to the local market

2. Marketing:
— Market researches: commodities, sales promotion
— Market surveys: cotton, nonferrous materials

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